The library is an organized collection of information resources in printed and digital forms that is made accessible for reference and borrowing.

Our library with the intention of providing free access of printed materials with the altruistic goal of educational enlightenment and the better welfare of our students.

• The Department of Library and Information Science plays a significant role by providing books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc for both staff and students to enhance their knowledge.

• The Library issues library cards to all the staff and the students. Staff are given 5 cards each. 2 cards are given for UG students and 3 cards are given for G students.

• The Library increases its number of books by purchasing them every year. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and a wide range of reference books are available for the students.

• 2 Journals were subscribed for the Department of Tamil for reference purpose only.

• The Library is endowed with Internet accessibility with 3 systems to enhance the activities of staff and students.

• General Magazines and magazines for the Department of Computer Science, Electronic Science and Commerce are regularly subscribed.

• 8 Daily newspapers and few journals of general interest are also subscribed for our library.

• The Library has a total of 13,885 books and 19 journals.

• The Library is accessible from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday.